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In line with the developmental thrust of the City to strengthen the values and character of every Koronadaleño anchored on “Dangal ng Koronadal” through the Integrated Character Building Program (ICBP), an evaluation of the 2012 implementation programs on 8 Core Values was conducted on January 21, 2013 at Villa Princesita and participated in by multi-sectoral groups from the City of Koronadal.

The 8 core values of the City of Koronadal include love of God, love of country, respectfulness, integrity, discipline, stewardship, commitment, and competitiveness.

As spearheaded by the City Population Office (CPO) through CPO Nancy Adalin, RN, the activity gave venue to the Speakers Bureaus and IEC Teamsto report their accomplishments and recommendations on the implementation of the 8 Core Values in their respective communities. Positive results were noted in the reports that exceeded the expectations of the technical working group since the coverage of the campaign or advocacy was even more widened through the initiative of the group.

Based on the accomplishment reports as presented, particularly by the Department of Education-Koronadal, the agency integrated and implemented the 8 core values in their school activities and in every subjectto inculcate to the minds and hearts ofthe students the significance of character building in life.

Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas, Vicar I of St. Anthony Parish, Christ the King Cathedral said that he was amazed of what had been done by every sector and also happy thatthe activities of the city were all anchored on the 8 Core Values citing further that internalizing the same would be very important in showing the values and living them.

Dr. Noemi Silva, PhD, the city’s ICBP Consultant,said that she was touched hearing the different testimoniesand appreciated the collaborative effort of the group in implementing the 8 Core Values and that despite the small budget the program was implemented well.

The ICBP Consultant added that the beauty of this endeavor was that the multi-sectoral campaign, wherein the City adheredto one set of core values,could already be considered as the very wealth of the Citysince people are the best resource in sustainable development.

Further, in his message Mayor Miguel congratulated everyone for giving emphasis on the 8 Core Values and said that though it is always hard to overhaul the character of a person, it is a challenge and a constant fight of the City Government to impart the message of truth to achieve quality life for all Koronadaleños.

Mayor PBM said he was confident that the City right now is on the right track but there are still a lot of things to work on for the advocacy hence, he promised to give additional funds through the supplemental budget this year for the ICBP.

The executive also suggested to the City Population Office to come up with new books or pamphlets for the 8 Core Values that focus on anecdotes, tips and success stories to upgrade the strategic approach of the city government in campaigning.

The IEC Team and Speakers Bureau renewed their commitment to continually support the administration of Mayor Peter B. Miguel for the advocacy campaign on values formation believing that someday the dream for the City of Koronadal would come true.

An action planning on how to improve the approaches to achieve the ICBP goals was also conducted by the group for implementation this year.

Certificates of recognition from LGU-Koronadal were also distributed in acknowledgment of the worthwhile contribution of each sector in the attainment of ICBP objectives as of last year.


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